Irish music industry goes open source

30 Mar 2007

Irish-based SonikDub, the first open source record label of its kind, will open its doors to unsigned artists next month.

Although many open source labels already exist, SonikDub are the only to provide chart ranking. All sales are reported and sent daily to the OCC and Chart Track.

The purpose of open source labels is to allow artists to retain copyright over their material rather than sign it over to a major label in a record deal.

SonikDub does not claim copyright nor does it take money from the sale or use of music, and the band is not obliged to sign a contract to provide the company with exclusive content.

It generates revenue from several avenues, including providing a CD/DVD replication service as well as talent spotting and offering representation to promising acts.

Denver Thomas, CEO of SonikDub, said that the purpose of the company is to bridge the gap between unsigned and major label bands.

Unsigned bands using its service have access to 10 digital music stores including iTunes, Vodafone, 3 music and Sony Connect.

SonikDub also matches up unsigned bands with emerging graphic designers and art directors from a pool of new graduates in the field in order to create quality, free music videos and album artwork.

According to Denver, SonikDub has sent out a mail shot to all film schools around Ireland to begin this collaboration.

By Marie Boran