Irish online voucher firm joins iTunes competitor

11 Oct 2007

From today the 100,000 customers of, the Irish online voucher payment company, will be able to choose from over one million tracks and 3,000 videos available directly through the site.

3V has teamed up with digital download company 7Digital to provide this new service. 7Digital also provides digital music content for popular social networking site Bebo.

The benefit of using 3V vouchers for online shopping is that you needn’t have a credit card or needn’t use the one you have if you have any misgivings about the security of online shopping sites.

Music that 3V customers can access is DRM free, or does not have digital rights management. This means that the consumer can play their downloaded mp3s on any player, iPod or not, and can keep multiple copies.

Any track purchased via 3V can be downloaded up to five times and can be stored online in a ‘7digital Locker’ which can be accessed from any computer.

“The rise and rise of the music download market has been one of the phenomenon’s of the last number of years. We are delighted to be able to offer our customers a dedicated service and most importantly a high quality service through our partnership with 7digital,” said Kieron Guilfoyle, CEO of 3V Transaction Services.

Ben Drury, the managing director of 7digital, observed that the majority of consumers are now choosing to buy their music and videos online rather than in high street shops.

“7digital’s partnership with 3V means that consumers who don’t have a credit or debit card can also enjoy the benefits of online shopping and have instant access to the best music and video available,” said Drury.

By Marie Boran