Irish Times website attracts 82pc more users

7 Jan 2011 has seen a massive increase in the amount of internet users browsing its pages.

According to ABCe-audited figures, monthly page impressions for November 2010 were up to 36.2 million views. For the year to November, there was an 82pc growth in the number of individual users visiting the site.

Managing director of The Irish Times Ltd, Liam Kavanagh, said that traffic to the site had almost tripled since the company launched the free service in 2008.

He said the growth in numbers reflects the “strength of demand among online consumers for quality Irish journalism”.

“The increase in demand for access to online news is reflected in an additional 10 million visitors to,” continued Kavanagh.

Increased numbers to the site have been driven by mobile traffic coming from iPhone and Android applications. The e-paper is also available, by paid subscription, on computers, iPads and iPhones.

Commenting, Kavanagh said, “These multiple platforms – web, mobile, tablet and e-paper – complement the print newspaper which remains our core business. (The year) 2011 will see us continuing to innovate and grow our online audience in new and exciting ways.”

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