Irishman seeking to raise €1.67m via Kickstarter to build luxury home from Grand Theft Auto 5

14 Jan 2015

GTA V's Di Santo home. Photo via Kickstarter

Grand Theft Auto V veterans will fondly remember the Los Santos home of playable character Michael De Santa and his quirky, if dysfunctional, wife and two kids.

Well the luxury property could be replicated in real life, though not in the affluent neighbourhood of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles (the city on which Los Santos is based). If Irishman Paul Boyle has his way, you’ll soon be able to find it, tennis courts and all, in Co Louth.

Boyle has established a Kickstarter campaign that seeks to raise €1.67m to build the home to scale.

“I’m looking to raise enough money to plan and construct the famous known house in GTA5,” he wrote on the page. “I want to include the interior and exterior of the property as it is projected in the video game. I have chosen the location of Carlingford, County Louth, Ireland.”

“I think any gamer who has spent many nights in this magnificent property would love to see a full scale copy constructed in real life.”

Boyle claims to have contacted a number of construction and design firms to “ensure this structure is feasible”, leading him to conclude that the property “is indeed possible to construct, given the right conditions of the surroundings and the availability of funds to carry out construction”.

Backers have until 5 March to pledge money. As with most Kickstarter campaigns, there are certain bonuses that come with donating cash and anyone who gives more than €5,000 can stay in the finished house as a guest for three nights.

Boyle is currently studying for a degree in computer engineering. He describes himself as a keen computer and video game enthusiast who is “always thinking big and outside of the box”.

Click below to tour the video game version of the Di Santo house.

Dean Van Nguyen was a contributor to Silicon Republic