Jamiroquai gets social with fans through web

7 Dec 2007

Disco funk band Jamiroquai are connecting with fans through a new site that has content sharing at its core, where users can easily take video and music clips and put them on a social networking site or share with friends.

Unlike pop artist Kylie’s social networking site Kylie Konnect that aims to draw people into the site, Jamiroquai aims to take advantage of Web 2.0 technology such as RSS (Really Simple Syndication), social networks, blogging and embeddable widgets, or programmes.

“The internet is shaping the future of music and I’m excited by the potential it offers artists,” said frontman Jay. “The new Jamiroquai.com site takes advantage of the internet’s growing ability to connect and share more intimately with our fans.

“They are now more involved building and sharing what they wish from the content on our site, even creating content themselves to share with us and each other.”

New technology like calendar sharing software SpongeCell aims to keep fans up to date on what the band are doing while providing exclusive pictures on photo sharing site Flickr.com that allows fans to create covers for their own CDs.

Neil Cartwright, founder of Million Media, the company that developed the new site, said: “The aim isn’t simply how many fans can we get to visit the artist’s website any more.

“It’s about how we get the artist’s content on to theirs. Jamiroquai.com employs many new Web 2.0 technologies to present fans with the features they now want and expect from an artist’s website.

“The strength of the site is Modera’s CMS, which provides us with full and complete flexibility in updating the fans with the latest Jamiroquai news.”

By Marie Boran