Justin Bieber goes from 40 to 40m Twitter followers in less than four years

6 Jun 2013

Justin Bieber pictured at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards (image via Phil Stafford/Shutterstock)

Justin Bieber’s band of merry Beliebers already made him the most-followed person on Twitter in January this year, and now the pop star has reached 40m followers less than four years after reaching 40.

The 19-year-old Canadian may have been beaten on YouTube records by Korean rapper PSY but, apparently, he can’t be matched on Twitter.

Having reached the 40m follower milestone, Bieber tweeted his thanks to his millions of followers along with the hashtag #40millionBeliebers and followed this up with a picture of that tweet alongside one from September 2009 when he was grateful for just 40 followers.

According to the Huffington Post, Beiber’s follower count rose by over 50,000 in just one day  giving him his current grand total of 40,070,768.

Fake following

Pop stars top the charts on Twitter in terms of followers, along with a single popular public figure. In the top five, Lady Gaga follows Bieber with 38m followers, then it’s Katy Perry with 37.5m, US president Barack Obama with 32.4m and Rihanna with 29.9m.

However, these colossal numbers of followers also include a multitude of false accounts. According to statistics portal Statista, in April this year, the majority of Bieber’s followers came from fake or inactive accounts, leaving him with only 37.2pc genuine followers. Still, 15m real followers ain’t bad!

Justin Bieber image via Phil Stafford/Shutterstock

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