Justin Bieber’s YouTube channel reaches 3bn views

23 Oct 2012

Justin Bieber at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards. Photo via Phil Stafford on Shutterstock

In the battle of the pop stars online, Justin Bieber and his band of merry Beliebers are powering ahead, pushing the Canadian singer’s overall YouTube views beyond the 3bn mark and leaving Rihanna and Lady Gaga in his wake – but will a dancing K-pop sensation usher in a new era?

According to Starcount’s social media leaderboard, total views on JustinBieberVEVO – the official Justin Bieber channel on YouTube – are swiftly approaching 3.5bn. His first single, Baby, is still YouTube’s most-viewed video at close to 800m views and now Bieber is the most-viewed person on the site ever thanks to his latest video for Beauty and a Beat reaching almost 45m views in little over a week.

This puts Bieber streaks ahead of pop rivals Rihanna at 2.9bn views at Lady Gaga at 2.3bn.

But there’s one singing, dancing and rapping pop star that could really give Bieber a run for his money. Korea’s man of the moment, PSY, and his video for the ultra-catchy Gangnam Style, has seen 407m views in the past month alone. Even Bieber can’t touch the virality of the K-pop hit, clocking up 125m views for his own videos this month.

While PSY has far to go to reach the 3bn mark (his overall views currently stand at more than 750m), we have faith that the man whose motto is ‘dress classy, dance cheesy’ will set YouTube records of his own.


Image of Justin Bieber via Phil Stafford on Shutterstock

Elaine Burke is the editor of Silicon Republic