KLM first airline in the world to put boarding passes into Facebook Messenger

30 Mar 2016

KLM has become the first airline in the world to enable users to put their boarding passes into Facebook Messenger

Dutch airline KLM has become the first airline in the world to enable users to get their boarding passes and even rebook flights within Facebook Messenger.

Facebook is working on a major strategy to make its Messenger platform the hub for many of our digital activities.

As well as fostering plans to make Facebook Messenger a mobile payments hub, in recent months Facebook revealed integrations with Uber for arranging transport, as well as Spotify for sharing playlists and songs with friends.

Today (30 March) it emerged that Facebook’s next foray with Messenger involves removing the stress and complication from air travel.


KLM has become Facebook’s first airline partner to integrate with Messenger, Facebook’s vice president of Messaging Products, David Marcus, said today.

KLM flyers will be able to automatically receive their itinerary, flight updates, check-in notifications, get their boarding passes, even rebook flights when needed, and communicate with the airline all from one contextual, canonical thread.

“Goodbye forgetting the combination of your frequent flyer alphanumerical number and password to obtain your boarding pass, and holding for a long time on the phone to change flights.

“This is a new day for all of us global travellers, and KLM is paving the way,” Marcus said.

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John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years