Klout’s new Brand Squads to let brands recognise influencers

18 Apr 2012

Social media influence ranking site Klout has launched new brand pages as a beta to let users on the site be recognised by their favourite brands and have a direct impact on them.

Brands previously had basic pages with their Klout score however, this new product, called ‘Brand Squads,’ will let influencers engage better with brands across the platform.

Users can see a list of top influencers for each brand, watch conversations across different social media sites, monitor information of each brand’s developments and earn special ‘perks’ in the form of offers or experiences from these brands.

As part of the beta launch, Red Bull is offering perks to their top advocates in the next few weeks. The top influencers will get a chance to try a new product, get new merchandise or win a behind-the-scenes look at the X-Games.

The new brand features is the next step Klout is taking to engage more with companies on its platform. The site measures a user’s or company’s social media influence through sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Foursquare and analyses their influence topics, giving them an overall score.

According to Klout, more than 3,000 applications and partners use data from the site to display Klout scores, prioritised based on these scores and segment users.