Knowles/Biden 2016 ticket for US presidential race?

6 Aug 2015

The internet loves Beyoncé. The internet loves Joe Biden. And so the greatest ticket the internet and the US presidential race will ever see was born — Knowles/Biden 2016.

Sadly, Knowles/Biden 2016 (@KnowlesBiden) is just another parody account to add to the Twitter heap, and one that’s slow to gather steam at that.

@KnowlesBiden has a relatively slight 1,066 followers at the time of writing, but that number has been slowly ticking up.

And, of course, lack of big reach does not mean lack of potential for big laughs, with puns abounding.

Such wonderful, wonderful puns.

Those kick off right in the bio, which is tailor-made for hashtagging, and for bumper stickers: “Put a ring on it, America”.

The tweets from fans of Beyoncé are what really make it, though.

The candidates’ names were a match made in heaven.

Some Tweeters got political.

Others eschewed the subtle approach, blatantly using song titles to make their point.

But, really, wasn’t this the only question worth asking?

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Kirsty Tobin was careers editor at Silicon Republic