Limerick City installs audio reminders to pick up after your dog

31 Mar 2014

Dog owners and walkers who are taking Fido for a stroll along either side of the River Shannon in Limerick City will now hear audio reminders to pick up after their pets.

Limerick City and County Council have undertaken the initiative to prevent dog fouling by erecting audio devices along the city boardwalk that deliver the message, “Do your bit to keep Limerick clean. Stop Limerick dog litter. Use any bag, any bin – please pick up after your dog.”

Riteview Solutions, a company based at NUI Maynooth, developed the two mobile programmable audio systems.

The council said it will relocate the devices operating in the city area to other areas throughout Limerick during the coming months.

Cllr Kathleen Leddin, Mayor of Limerick, urges dog owner to dispose of dog litter in the nearest bin.

“Dogs are such wonderful companions but unfortunately they cannot clean up after themselves,” she said.

“It really is important for dog owners to continue to become more responsible and to pick up their dogs’ litter, considering dog waste is not only a nuisance but can also carry diseases which can be harmful to humans.”

Sinead McDonnell, environment awareness officer, Limerick City and County Council, pointed out the availability of bags dog owners and walkers can use to help keep public areas free of dog litter.

“Pooper scoop bags are available in supermarkets, pet shops and in some of the euro/deal shops,” McDonnell said.

“Dog litter bags can be bought as cheaply as €1 for 100. People may also use nappy sacks, reused plastic bags or something similar.”

McDonnell also reminds dog owners and walkers that failure to clean up after a dog is the same as littering and is an offence under the Litter Pollution Acts.

Dog clean-up sign image via Shutterstock

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic