Locle unveils Friend Finder at Mobilize 09

11 Sep 2009

Award-winning Irish technology start-up Locle has been working on a brand new kind of social web experience, the Friend Finder platform, which it demoed at GigaOm’s Mobilize 09 event in San Francisco yesterday.

Locle is a location-based mobile social networking service available for the iPhone, Android devices and other web-enabled handsets.

What the Friend Finder platform will do is open up the Locle location-based service to integrate with other networks, social apps and online communities while offering a new revenue stream.

If Locle was integrated into say, Facebook or Twitter, this would mean that you and your friends would not only know where each other is but the Serendipity messaging system could send alerts to your phone when friends are within a certain radius.

Extending this to a revenue model, it could be used for dating, live music, travel and so on.

Already Locle is the first mobile phone app to work with social networking site Netlog, which has a user base of 52 million in Europe, so this means users can report location and find out who in their network is nearby.

Other exciting news from Locle: its new iPhone app, which is in the approval process, integrates Serendipity and has Twitter and Facebook integration, too.

Photo: Screenshots from Locle’s new iPhone app.

By Marie Boran, via Gadgetrepublic.com