Low stock rains on the Irish Wii parade

15 Nov 2007

Irish consumers will have to keep fingers (and legs) crossed for a Wii this Christmas as stores the length and breadth of the country are already completely sold out of the popular Nintendo gaming console.

While UK stores are reportedly struggling to keep up with the Wii demand, it seems that Irish stores are already, by and large, Wii-free and may remain so until after Christmas.

Gamestop Ireland, one of the largest retail outlets for gaming consoles and accessories nationwide, is not experiencing a complete drought – in fact there should be limited numbers available in all stores according to its spokesperson.

It still looks as though Irish consumers will have trouble sourcing a Wii from many high-street shops this festive season as Smyths toy stores is experiencing a shortage currently and cannot guarantee a Wii in the hand by Christmas, according to a store representative.

On a more hopeful note, a representative from Xtra-vision in Thomas St, Dublin, said that while the store was completely sold out of Nintendo Wii’s, as most likely were other Xtra-vision outlets, it was expecting a consignment before Christmas.

“The Thomas St store is at the top of the list to get Wii stock as soon as it is available,” he said.

If you are considering buying a Wii online, the same problem abounds: http://www.wii.ie has a ‘temporarily out of stock’ notice on its front page.

This writer is genuinely disappointed, as she had hoped to spend a penny on a Wii this Christmas.

By Marie Boran