Gigglebit: Pondering Media’s #MarRef video is parody at its finest

30 Apr 2015

Those campaigning for a ‘No’ vote in the forthcoming marriage referendum have presented a lot of crazy arguments that often ignore good research and scientific evidence.

So cynical are these tactics of creating fear and confusion among people – particularly when it comes to the issue of children and surrogacy – that the supposed logic almost resembles the stuff of parody. But now, thanks to the London-based marketing firm Pondering Media, we do have an actual piece of satire, and its one that pokes fun at some of the ‘No’ side’s methods.

The Pondering Media team has taken time out from its usual work of putting together marketing videos for private clients to create a hilarious video that lampoons the common arguments put forth against marriage equality. The clip sees two members of the fictitious ‘Institute of the Marital Sciences’ offering indisputable evidence that only a man and a woman together can make effective parents.

For one, if two woman were to be parents, who would have strong enough hands to help the child should they fall down a well? Not to mention that gay marriage will almost certainly result in terrifying changes to the lunar-geomagnetic profiles of the poor kids.

Bravo to the company, and to the two actors featured for their on-point performances. Click below to watch.

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Dean Van Nguyen was a contributor to Silicon Republic