McAfee staves off potential deportation to Belize until after Christmas

10 Dec 2012

John McAfee, the millionaire founder of the McAfee security software empire, has managed to achieve leave to stay in Guatemala until his legal appeals against deportation have been filed.

It is understood that this could take weeks, even months, before the Silicon Valley entrepreneur returns to Belize to help police there with their enquiries into the death of his neighbour Gregory Faull, also an American.

McAfee (67) was arrested last week in Guatemala with his 20-year-old girlfriend for illegally entering the country.

He is a ‘person of interest’ in the Faull murder investigation.

McAfee claims he went on the run because he believes the Belizean government is framing him for the murder of Faull and that it wished to extort US$2m in bribes from him.

Proclaiming his innocence, McAfee kept a blog and brought journalists from Vice Magazine with him on the run.

McAfee founded the McAfee antivirus empire in the 1980s and made up to US$97m. The company was sold to Intel in recent years and McAfee no longer has any connection to it.

His legal team in Guatemala is endeavouring to have him extradited to the Unites States rather than Belize and McAfee has said he wishes to see out his declining years quietly in America.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years