Meteor’s Facebook shop open for business

5 Nov 2010

Meteor has opened a Facebook shop for prepay customers, letting them buy credit from Facebook, making them the first Irish operator to offer this service.

Prepay customers can purchase a phone, top up their credit and check phone images and details on Meteor’s Facebook shop.

They can share what they’ve seen with the Facebook share buttons and can post an update on their news feeds to tell their friends what they’ve found.

Meteor will also offer an extra €10 credit when customers purchase something from the store.

“The phones available here are priced the same as our online store, with some truly great deals on offer,” said Dee Currid, marketing communications manager for Meteor.

The Facebook shop can be accessed from the Shop tab on Meteor’s Facebook page. To complete the purchase, customers are brought to Meteor’s online store where they can enter their name, address and payment details.

There is also a ‘Top Me Up’ application, where prepay customers can enter their phone number and credit/laser card details to top up their phones.

The app can also be used to give friends and families gifts of credit.

Meteor has included a bonus where any customer who tops up by €30 gets €15 free and the first 500 customers who use the app get an extra €5 on their phones.