Microsoft launches Elite and cuts Xbox 360 prices

20 Aug 2007

The average estimated price of an Xbox 360 in Ireland will be reduced from Friday by €50 to carry an estimated retail price of €359.99 to coincide with the launch of the slick, black Xbox 360 Elite console which will retail for €459.99 with a 120GB hard drive.

The entry-level Xbox 360 Core console will also be reduced by €20 to come with an estimated retail price of €279.99.

The new black Xbox 360 Elite will carry an estimated price tag of €459.99 and will come with a 120GB hard drive to allow users to store large amounts of content such as games, videos, pictures, demos and music from the Xbox Live marketplace

The Elite will also come with a HDMI (high definition multimedia interface) port.

On its own the 120GB hard drive will retail for €179.999.

Other accessories introduced to coincide with the launch of the Elite will be a black wireless controller which will cost €44.99, a black play and charge kit for recharging wireless controllers which will cost €19.999 and a rechargeable battery pack which will cost €14.99.

The country manager of Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices division Orla Sheridan said that the new console along with the price cuts and an impressive line-up of games including Halo 3, Project Gotham Racing 4 and Bioshock will set the company up well for the all-important Christmas market.

“We pioneered the successful concept of multiple products for multiple categories of consumer,” Sheridan explained. “First-timers will love the Xbox 360 Core system, which offers an affordable entry into high-definition gaming.

“The Xbox 360 with its large hard drive and wireless controller will appeal to casual and experienced gamers and families. The Xbox 360 opens up whole new avenues of entertainment for those who seek the ultimate gaming and entertainment experience,” Sheridan added.

By John Kennedy