Microsoft Office: 25 years of evolution (infographic)

6 Nov 2015

Microsoft Office is 25 years old, dropping onto our screens way back in 1990. What started out as a trio of fairly standard applications (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) soon came to include OneNote, Access, Outlook and Publisher.

Microsoft Office, for all its flaws, remains a staple piece of software for consumers all over the world.

Excel, an impenetrable grid of nightmares? Sure. Powerpoint a dated time consumer? Sure. And who uses OneNote? Still, can you really function without any of Microsoft’s wares?

Word remains one of the better text documents and, actually, those who can negotiate their way through spreadsheet compilation on Excel do seem pretty happy.

Microsoft 2016 has just been released, with standard improvements across the board, but in the 25 years since Office 1.0 was released, what has changed?

This infographic by STL should explain all:

Microsoft Office

Windows image, via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic