Microsoft to reveal another Windows Phone 7 update in spring?

10 Dec 2010

Microsoft may unveil a Windows Phone 7 update in February at the Mobile World Congress, reports say.

According to Winrumors, sources say that the next update will be “significant.” Microsoft may be launching the first update to the mobile OS in January, bringing copy-and-paste functionality.

The second update is said to introduce enhanced developer controls for apps and new APIs to allow for greater multi-tasking.

The APIs will also improve in-app downloads and provide better customisation for users.

The tech giant is reportedly compiling beta builds of the updates and shipped some to external beta users.

Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer will be holding a keynote speech at the Mobile World Congress, marking a year from when they first unveiled Windows Phone 7.

The company will also unveil plans for a Silverlight update to Windows Phone 7 at the congress.