Microsoft’s Live Mesh technology ready for download

19 Aug 2008

Microsoft’s latest technology Live Mesh, which allows users to synchronise and access information across different PCs as well as remotely control their PC via their web browser, is now available for users to download.

Live Mesh – which enables collaborative working and an affordable version of a browser-enabled virtual private network – is part of Microsoft’s software plus service.

The technology takes the best features of desktop software and combines them with online internet services to create a useful application for individuals and groups.

Users download the software on their home computer, work laptop and other PCs to easily synchronise the information they need so it will be available on any of their chosen devices.

It is understood the technology will soon be available for mobile phones.

Any information you put in your mesh is available from any of the chosen devices, including Live Desktop, which you can access through a web browser.

Users can store up to 5GB of files and folders and then access and share them from most web browsers.

It is also possible to use Live Mesh Remote Desktop to connect to a device in your mesh and access files or programmes.

Users can also add and then share folders with colleagues and a news application keeps you informed of changes to folders and enables you to see who has changed what and when.

The technology also allows users to post messages and chat via instant messaging with others working inside a folder.

The software to enable a Live Mesh can be downloaded at no cost at

By John Kennedy

Pictured: Microsoft’s Live Mesh technology

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years