Minister urges married couples to get off Facebook

18 Nov 2010

Could Facebook be behind the recent marriage split of Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria Parker and her husband, San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker? Could be, if you go by Rev Cedric Miller, who believes Facebook can break up a marriage.

Miller, the pastor of the Living World Christian Fellowship Church in New Jersey, US, believes all married couples should close their Facebook accounts for the sake of their marriages. In the last six months, he says, 20 couples from his congregation have experienced marital woes because one or the other spouse befriended an ex on the social networking site.

The splits concerned Miller so much that he reportedly ordered 50 officials within his church to close their accounts or find work elsewhere. Miller himself, who is married with six children, says he is closing his Facebook account.

“The temptation is just too great,” Miller told the Associated Press. He even suggests that spouses exchange passwords to their Facebook accounts, should they choose to keep the accounts active.