More than a quarter of internet users access banking sites globally

15 Jun 2012

A report from ComScore on the global reach of online banking sites for April 2012 shows that 423.5m people accessed these sites, which amounts to 28.7pc of total internet users.

These figures show that online banking is growing worldwide, with a year-on-year increase of almost 3pc.

More than 45pc of North American internet users accessed online banking, making it the region with the highest number using these services.

Europe ranked second with 37.8pc of European internet users going online to check out their finances, while Latin America positioned third with 25.1pc.

Other regions outside the top three are still showing year-on-year growth, with Asia Pacific’s figure increasing 5.1pc to 22pc. However, some regions are seeing a drop in usage, with the Midele East and Africa showing a 0.4pc decrease in users accessing online banking.

ComScore data

Online banking image via Shutterstock