MySpace gains 1m new users since December

14 Feb 2012

Struggling social network MySpace has gotten some good news, as it has reportedly gained 1m new users since December, with growth being attributed to a new music player and “integration with Facebook and Twitter.”

The Telegraph reports that MySpace’s chief operating officer Chris Vanderhook said the site has grown for “the first time in years” and attributed the majority of the growth to “integration with Facebook and Twitter” and a new music player introduced in December. The player offers unlimited, on-demand music with personalised radio modes, a recommendation engine and Facebook integration.

It will come as welcome news for the company, which has been struggling to remain relevant in the changing face of the web over the past few years.

The site was acquired by News Corp in 2005 for US$580m, however, as its popularity declined, it caused a drain on the media corporation’s digital earnings. It led to MySpace undergoing a major revamp to become a social entertainment hub and hundreds of staff members were cut to make it profitable.

News Corp eventually sold MySpace to Specific Media for just US$35m. The ad firm specialises in brokering online advertising space and is one of the largest online advertising companies in the US.