MySpace launches events and entertainment platform

16 Apr 2010

Going back to its roots of being a place to discover and share music, social networking site MySpace has launched a new service centering on events, complete with the ability to share across other social networking sites and purchase event tickets.

The MySpace Events platform has a calendar and tools to allow both users and artists to create, promote, manage, share and discover events.

This new service doesn’t just cover musical events but also goes across sports, the arts and nightlife. Users have the choice of pulling in existing events from their Facebook page, too.

A new route for advertisers

This, MySpace hopes, will pull in new interest from advertisers wanting to promote an event (be it concert, TV premiere, movie release, etc) in a new way that reaches users by placing a sponsored event directly inside the social calendar. When a user RSVPs they then also promote the sponsored event to their MySpace friends.

“Our users already post millions of events to MySpace each year and the events platform is the next step in enabling them to discover, create and socialise around the events that are most relevant to them,” said Jason Hirschhorn, co-president of MySpace.

“MySpace Events allows users to find events of every size, from a local concert to the next Lakers game to Jay-Z’s tour, and then takes it a step further by providing the option to easily share the event and even purchase tickets.” 

By Marie Boran