Narragansett orients its sales strategy

8 May 2008

Irish company Narragansett Technologies has entered into a partnership that will see its online marketing software localised for the east Asian market.

The company has partnered with Web2Asia, an expansion partner for western IT companies in Asia, which will localise Narragansett’s SpinnakerPro and SensorPro for the east Asian region.

SpinnakerPro is an email marketing package, while SensorPro is an online research and survey tool.

The east Asian region, particularly China, has shown impressive growth potential for digital marketing, Narragansett said. By the first quarter of 2008, 230 million internet users were identified in China, more than in any other country.

The total online ad spend in China, including email, is estimated to reach €928m in 2008, mostly driven by Olympic-related spend.

“With a successful combination of electronic direct marketing and the online survey module SensorPro, we could increase the response for our annual customer satisfaction survey by 200pc compared to last year,” commented Andy Qian, senior marketing manager for central China, Schenker China, an international provider of integrated logistics services.

“The survey was conducted bilingual in both English and Chinese and we were very pleased with the high-quality feedback from our customers and the comprehensive statistical analysis of the results.”

By Niall Byrne