New app to prevent drunken Tweeting and Facebooking

11 Nov 2010

There’s a new, free Firefox plug-in called Social Media Sobriety Test that could put an end to regrets the morning after the night before when you remember what you may have drunkenly said on your social network of choice.

The Sobriety Test tool is available for Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and MySpace and users can set themselves the hours they are likely to be inebriated.

During the time in question, users will be presented with a simple test, such as typing the alphabet backwards. Fail the test and you’ll be blocked from your social network until the danger period has passed.

The initiative from Webroot appears to be descended from a similar tool created by Google’s Gmail team to prevent people sending emails they would regret.

Google’s Mail Goggles tool presented the user with a few maths tests to slow them down and make them think before firing off a fiery missive to an ex-lover or former colleague.

The only drawback for the tool is that it is built for a desktop browser, when unfortunately most of the regrettable messages tend to be sent via a mobile phone while one arm cradles a bag of soggy chips and another is wrapped strategically around the nearest lamppost to keep the protagonist from falling on his or her arse.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years