New digital camera tech: blink and you won’t miss it!

16 Oct 2008

A digital imaging technology firm has developed a new technology that ensures that all people in pictures have their eyes open, thereby avoiding those annoying shots where people blink.

Tessera Technologies has introduced its new FotoNation BlinkCheck technology, which improves image-taking capabilities of digital still cameras (DSCs), mobile phones and other camera-enabled devices by ensuring all human subjects in a photo have their eyes open.

FotoNation BlinkCheck image enhancement technology enables a camera to capture photos of subjects only when their eyes are open. Alternatively, the technology warns a user immediately after capturing an image if it contains one or more faces with closed eyes, providing the user the opportunity to take another photo.

“Our FotoNation BlinkCheck technology is a fast, flexible, high-performance solution that brings users of DSCs and mobile phone cameras another step closer to perfect portraits of their families and friends, without the need to be an expert photographer,” said Michael Bereziuk, executive vice-president, Imaging and Optics, Tessera.

“It represents the most recent addition to our comprehensive offering of imaging solutions that are transforming the next generation of camera-enabled devices, opening up new and exciting applications.”

FotoNation BlinkCheck technology is the latest addition to the comprehensive FotoNation FaceTracker solution. The FotoNation FaceTracker solution identifies and tracks, in real time, more than 10 faces in one image in as little as 0.1 seconds. It provides in-camera face detection and tracking for digital still and cell phone cameras, and other camera-enabled devices.

The solution also includes FotoNation SmileCheck technology, which detects smiles and enables the smile shutter mode, in which photographs are automatically captured only when all the detected faces in the picture are smiling.

The FotoNation FaceTracker solution, including optional FotoNation BlinkCheck technology, is available for licensing now from Tessera.

By John Kennedy

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years