New iPhone apps monitor babies from the womb to birth and beyond

17 Aug 2012

Infinite Touch, an app developer in Leitrim, Ireland, has come up with a trio of apps that help parents through pregnancy, childbirth and the first few months of a baby’s life.

The inspiration for the development of the trio of apps by Andy Dunn is the upcoming birth of his daughter, due in September 2012. 

Baby Feed Tracker Plus is the latest app which Dunn, the developer of the iPhone app, has released on the iTunes store.

“Having built the Fetal Sleep Tracker and Contraction Tracker apps, I identified a gap in the market for an elegant-looking, easy and simple-to-use baby feed tracker app. Other apps are cluttered with unnecessary features.

“As I had read many books for new parents ahead of the birth of my child, I was able to focus on features that meet the genuine needs of parents. Baby Feed Tracker Plus is ideal for a busy mum or dad – it has larger buttons and icons which make it easier to log items in the app when you’ve a baby in the other arm.”

Baby Feed Tracker Plus tracks a baby’s feed (breast and bottle), naps and nappy changes. It also includes push notification reminders for feeding and napping. As the app has the facility for mothers to input details of which side they breastfed from last as well as how much milk they have expressed, it may encourage mothers reluctant to breastfeed.

Baby Feed Tracker Plus is an ideal app for mothers already used to monitoring parts of their own lives through updates to and push notifications from social networks, calendars, food, drink and exercise tracking apps.

“It offers unparallelled statistics on every element of the baby’s feeding, sleeping and nappy changes. These statistics can help comfort and reassure new parents and can be emailed or shared with health professionals to get a picture of a new baby’s nutrition and development.”

Mothers (and fathers) who like the easy user interface of Dunn’s apps can keep an eye out for further apps as his child grows.

“As my daughter gets older I intend to continue developing apps that grow with her and help her learn,” Dunn said.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years