New website features online tutors for students

15 Feb 2011

Students who need help with their homework can now avail of, a new website that provides one-to-one online expert help in real time.

Online tutors are available to help second and third-level students with homework, exam techniques, thesis and research queries.

Students only need to pay for the help if and when they need it. Prices start at €15 for immediate problem solving, and most homework queries can be answered in a few minutes.

The tutorials take place in secure, online meeting rooms, where students can talk directly with the tutor, share notes or use instant messaging. There is no video, to protect the privacy of students and tutors. recently launched, and there has already been more than 500 regular visitors to the site.

The tutors are teachers, professors and experienced business professionals. Their expertise covers a range of subjects, from Leaving Certificate ordinary-level maths to MBA-qualified maths tutors at third level.

The tutors also cover career guidance, English as a foreign language, and special education needs. They also consist of native French, German and Spanish tutors, who are available to help with oral exams preparation.