NewBay rolls out app users experience ecosystem

24 Mar 201040 Views

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Paddy Holohan’s pioneering software company NewBay has developed a new software development ecosystem for the digital lifestyle, enabling TV and mobile providers to provide consumers with the latest apps and maximise revenue.

At CTIA Wireless 2010 in Las Vegas yesterday, the company announced its LifeCache Developer Program, designed to maximise user experience innovation.

The programme reduces the time and risk involved in developing digital lifestyle services and cloud-based solutions across multiple screens, including handsets, desktops, TV, game consoles and set-top boxes.

What the LifeCache Developer Program does

The LifeCache Developer Program uniquely establishes a user content ecosystem optimised to provide a powerful development environment for operators, OEM partners, user interface developers and social networks.

“NewBay LifeCache Developer Program is setting the stage for dramatic growth in the availability of user-centric applications, including those distributed through operator-branded app stores, which will drive adoption of mobile services,” said Dr Nagappan Arunachalam, chief marketing officer at NewBay Software.

“The program serves to build a suite of innovative services that can easily be integrated with NewBay LifeCache. It provides a comprehensive user content ecosystem for operators and OEMs, their approved third-party developers and ultimately the end user.”

The LifeCache Developer Program is a complete development framework delivering a rich set of tools and resources.

LifeCache Connect

The program provides full access to ‘LifeCache Connect’ which contains sample code and NewBay’s scalable LifeCache APIs including Photo & Video Album, Digital Vault, Smart Address Book, Notifier and Social Networking APIs. Also provided is a private sandbox environment to enable safe and accurate testing.

In addition, the program offers accredited members access to: the NewBay Developer Resource Centre, direct support from the company’s engineering team and the ability to engage in joint innovation and rapid deployment of compelling mobile, desktop and web services, as well as TV widgets.

The program includes a fully supported Google Android Service, accelerating development for any Android device.

In related news, NewBay also revealed a new telco-grade push messaging system called LifeCache Notifier, which alerts users on new activity from social networks, updates from cloud services, advertisements and new instant messages.

LifeCache Notifier intelligently tracks user activity and presence awareness across LifeCache desktop and mobile clients in order to deliver customisable, operator-branded pop-up alerts to the most applicable device.

Any LifeCache-powered service or third-party application can send notifications through LifeCache Notifier using its scalable APIs, the company said.

By John Kennedy

Editor John Kennedy is an award-winning technology journalist.