Newstalk and Google to host live presidential debate on YouTube

6 Oct 2011

Newstalk 106-108fm and Google have teamed to up offer an interactive presidential debate on YouTube on 24 October.

Broadcaster Damien Kiberd will moderate the 90-minute debate where all seven presidential candidates will answer questions submitted and voted on by the public.

The public can ask potential questions for the candidates on Newstalk’s YouTube account prior to the debate and the most popular questions submitted will be put to the candidates.

The debate will be broadcast live from Google’s Dublin HQ on 24 October at 12pm on Newstalk and on YouTube.

It will be the final public debate before the elections on 27 October.

There will be live online feedback from listeners and viewers, such as through video interaction with Google+ Hangouts incorporated into the debate. There will also be live up-to-the-minute analysis of reactions to the candidates online.

“We are pleased to partner with Newstalk on this endeavour,” said Natasha Sachs, debate co-ordinator at Google.

“Google is committed to educating voters on the key issues in this election and empowering them to have a voice in this critical conversation with candidates.

“It has been 14 years since the last presidential election, and in that time advances in technology has made it possible for Irish voters to engage directly with the presidential candidates online. We’re proud to help facilitate the opportunity for voters to have their voices heard,” said Sachs.