NewsWhip builds interactive social news clouds with Infomous

22 Feb 2012

NDRC start-up NewsWhip, which tracks the world’s news stories and shows which ones are spreading fastest via social media, has forged an alliance with US data visualisation company Infomous to create interactive clouds that show the fastest-spreading topics.

Users can now find small interactive clouds on the sidebar of As users navigate the site (going to a section on gossip or tech, for example), the topic of the cloud also changes.

Meanwhile, there’s a more interactive, full-size cloud at, with news from the US, Canada, the UK and India. The companies are planning to provide a cloud interface for more topics soon.

“It’s really neat to see our data presented in this way” said Paul Quigley, NewsWhip CEO. “It’s like a thought bubble of what everyone is sharing in news, right now. We’re really curious to see how NewsWhip users interact with and use it.”

Last week, NewsWhip won the People’s Choice Award at Dublin Beta.

‘See’ what’s hot

“The clouds we have created in collaboration with NewsWhip show yet another way in which Infomous helps people explore and discover online content,” said Paolo Gaudiano, Infomous president.

“The ability to see what articles are ‘hot’ in a specific topic category makes for a particularly compelling type of cloud.”

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years