No recession online, digital winner Online Advertising says

28 Feb 2011

Specialst GoogleAdwords agency Online Advertising, which started from a hotdesk in Media Cube, was the gold medal winner of the Best Digital Advertising Agency category at the Digital Media Awards 2011.

The agency was founded by Alan Coleman three years ago after the post-graduate course in digital marketing he planned to take was unexpectedly cancelled. Undeterred, he decided to set up his own online advertising agency at Media Cube, IADT.

“Despite the course getting scrapped, I knew that digital marketing was going to be essential for the future success for any Irish business, online or offline,” he said. 

“There is no recession online, it’s a purely offline phenomenon. E-commerce sites received 52pc more visits in 2010, and online transactions were up 36pc during the same period. That is beyond growth, it’s boom time.”

Online Advertising offers a full range of advertising online services and specialise in GoogleAdwords. It now has more than 40 domestic and international campaigns in operation.

“Most Irish Adwords advertisers are at the ‘unconscious incompetence’ stage of the learning curve, they literally don’t know how much they don’t know! We add value because we take the time to fully understand their competitive offering; we then leverage all the Google AdWords tools and features to maximise the business’s online returns,” Coleman explained.

He added that conventional offline marketing techniques were more difficult to ascertain as to what worked and what didn’t.

“The value of online advertising has been proved again and again, as it is measurable. Every time an ad is clicked on or an online sale is made, the transaction can be analysed. If you can measure it, you can manage it.”

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