Now 2m Facebook accounts in Ireland – 44pc of population

26 Aug 2011

Info-graphic shows Ireland's Facebook population

There are now 2,014,000 Facebook accounts active in Ireland, which means that 44pc of Ireland’s 4.5m population is on Facebook. A new info-graphic provided by Edelman highlights Facebook grew by more than double in the past two years.

In terms of demographics, there are 1,052,840 women on Facebook compared with 921,840 men. Interestingly 39,000 Facebook users in Ireland don’t wish to disclose their gender.

18-34 year-olds make up more than half of social networking giant Facebook’s Irish users. Not surprisingly Dublin has the largest Facebook population with in excess of 780,000 users.

Leading brands on Facebook in Ireland include Bailey’s, Guinness, Jameson, Penneys, Oxegen, Tayto, Tourism Ireland, Captain Morgan’s, Ben & Jerry’s and Ryanair.

See the info-graphic (below):

Facebook in Ireland


John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years