O2 and Click team up for online movie rental store

23 Nov 2010

O2 and Click magazine have launched a new online service, letting people rent, buy or pre-order games and movies to be delivered to their doors.

The service, called O2Click, allows customers to select their movie or game title of choice through an app or the website and it will be dispatched in 48 hours.

Delivery includes a freepost envelope to let customers return rented titles when they are finished with them at no extra charge.

The site also includes movie and game reviews and features preview clips of each title.

It’s a monthly subscription-based service from €7.99 a month. There is no limit as to how long a person can keep a movie or games, resulting in no late fees. Once they return the title, the next title on their rental queue is sent out to them.

O2Click is available as an iPhone app or online. O2 is offering the service for free for the first 30 days for new customers.