Official Twitter app arrives on Windows Phone 7

30 Oct 2010

Twitter has debuted an official app for Windows Phone 7 devices, which is available now.

According to Twitter’s blog, they appreciate the “clean design” of Windows Phone 7, which they feel suits users’ needs to get information fast.

They worked on this app with their development partner IdentityMine and used an open source REST API library Tweet Sharp to build the app.

Twitter has said IdentityMine will release “significant improvements” into open source for others to use.

The user interface for this is called “Metro”, providing a different way to look at tweets through “Pivots.”

According to Twitter, Pivots are like pages of the apps. It allows users to swipe left or right to see different categories or types of information within one app.

So, with Twitter on Windows Phone 7, users can swipe left and right to move from the timeline to mentions or direct messages.

The app has the same features as all other official Twitter apps, such as the timeline, suggested users and lists.