OK guv, if you haven’t written a blog then you’re not getting in

15 Nov 2013

Congregation founder Eoin Kennedy

Cong in Mayo is set to become the social media capital of Ireland – for a day – at the end of November, as 100 Irish and international social media thinkers descend on the village. One rule: if you haven’t written a blog, you’re not getting in.

Tickets for the free social media ‘un-conference’ called Congregation cannot be bought.

The 30 November event is only open to attendees who have produced a blog paper in advance and posted it on the Congregation.ie website.

Congregation.ie uses a huddles structure, where groups of 10 people will gather at each of the venues with three people speaking at each until everyone has presented their thoughts and ideas.

Over the course of one day, all attendees will present on a variety of social media topics, including research, how-to guides, social business stories and social media rants. The event will use a variety of venues in the town, including coffee shops, exhibition spaces, restaurant and bars.

“Congregation.ie was born out of experience with standard conferences, where the attendees don’t have a voice but have lots of insights and experience that they would freely share if given the opportunity,” said organiser Eoin Kennedy.

“Congregation.ie aims to harness peer-to-peer sharing and enable deeper connection between attendees, as everyone is a stakeholder.  

“By earning their way into this free event, contributing to the conversation and sharing their insights, attendees are all equal. They will also increase their own and everyone’s knowledge base,” Kennedy said.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years