Online buyers confused over eco-friendly shopping

26 Sep 2007

Most online shoppers are environmentally conscious in their buying decisions but are confused by the array of so-called ‘green’ products available, according to a survey by, a subsidiary of Dublin-based market analysis firm Experian.

While interest in eco-friendly shopping continues to grow, most shoppers lack a familiarity with green products.

Some 68pc of respondents said that buying eco-friendly products was important to them, over 82pc said they need help with selection and pricing information as well as online merchant availability of eco-friendly items.

“It is important to see that consumers are starting to make eco-friendly shopping a part of their everyday lives,” said Ron LaPierre, president of has created an online index of more than 20,000 “green” products from manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony and Apple that can be accessed on their site;

When asked why consumers would choose eco-friendly products, some 50pc said they wanted to reduce the impact of pollution on future generations, while 15pc wanted to improve the world we currently live in.

Some 74pc of online shoppers said it is important to set an eco-friendly example to others, especially their children.

By John Kennedy