Online firm warns against SEO

6 Jul 2007

A leading online audiobook publisher has hit out at the trend of search engine optimisation (SEO). (ABFF) claims to have been consistently occupying top Google and most other search engines’ positions on internet searches using the terms “audiobooks”, “audio books”, “audiobook” or “audio book” without using any SEO whatsoever for the past six years. The company said it has never paid Google a cent.

“We look with puzzlement on the burgeoning search optimisation industry that has sprung up in the last few years,” commented Ruslan G Fedorovsky, ABFF’s UK CEO. “Unfortunately many top blue-chip executives hardly realise what kind of deadly dangers they allow their online businesses to be subjected to by search optimisation techniques without any guarantees of tangible or provable benefits.”

Federovsky warned there was a danger that by using SEO you could eventually run foul of Google and be blacklisted. “Today’s clever optimisation could be tomorrow’s policy violation. You never know. Afterwards, if Google blacklists you, the only thing to do is to close your old domain down and start again, fresh.

“I would say that the most important policy regarding search optimisation is never allowing your programmers to try any kind of SEO at all.”

He said that business owners need to be aware of what their internet staff are doing, because programmers are constantly learning new methods, new techniques and tips from each other and from the web. “They would not give a second thought to using this new but perhaps untested and dubious technique on your live website just to hone freshly acquired skills or to appear to be a bit more professional in their own minds.”

Federovsky’s advice to internet businessmen is to “just be a good boy, e-market yourself well and you might get to paradise if you deserve it enough”.

By Niall Byrne