Online retail sites accessed by 93.8pc of Irish internet users in May

13 Jul 2012

Eighty per cent of internet users in Europe visited online retail sites in May 2012, equating to 314.6m users, according to ComScore. In the top 10 markets for penetration of these sites, Ireland ranks No 2 with 93.8pc reach.

The UK took the top spot with 94.2pc reach, and the global ranking also puts Ireland and the UK at the top.

Rounding out the European top 5 were France at 89pc, Germany at 87.6pc and the Netherlands at 84.2pc.

As far as engagement with these sites goes, UK users claimed the highest figure once more, spending an average of 101.1 minutes on these sites.

Finishing up the top 3 were French users at 70.7 minutes and Dutch users at 69 minutes.

ComScore online retail visits May 2012

Online retail image via Shutterstock

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