Opera Mobile 10.1 beta has arrived on Android

9 Nov 2010

Opera Software has made an Opera Mobile 10.1 beta available on the Android market, claiming to have faster page loading, fluid scrolling and geolocation support.

Opera Mobile is said to have faster page loading than any other browsers and a more fluid panning, scrolling and zooming experience.

A feature of the browser includes Speed Dial, which gives quick access to user’s favourite sites. It also has a password manager to reduce typing time.

Opera Turbo is also featured, providing up to 80pc data compression to get a better browsing experience on congested networks and the browser reduces data usage to lower the price of your data plan.

The beta includes visual tabs to preview sites before you click on them. Opera also offers a virtual keyboard for devices with bad touchscreen keyboards.

Opera Mobile 10.1 offers geolocation support, SVG support and the ability to sync bookmarks across devices.

The beta is available now on the Android Market.