Opera submits Mini browser to App Store

24 Mar 2010

Soon after demoing its mobile browser for the iPhone at the Mobile World Congress to an exclusive few, Opera has submitted the Mini web browser to Apple’s App Store for approval.

What is interesting about this app submission in particular is that to date Apple has never allowed another mobile web browser to compete with its proprietary Safari.

Speaking with an Opera spokesperson, Gadgetrepublic.com asked if perhaps the idea behind building and demoing the Opera Mini iPhone app before it was even submitted for approval was a way to build momentum and make it more difficult for Apple to turn it down. He said that perhaps, yes, it was part of the plan but that Apple cannot technically reject Opera Mini on the basis that it replicates the functionality of an existing Apple app, because although Opera Mini is a browser it does not access the web or load pages in the same way as the native Safari browser does.

At any rate, the reasons iPhone users are getting so excited about Opera Mini on the App Store is because it boasts much faster page load time by compressing data by up to 90pc, as well as offering tabbed browsing, where tabs pop up along the base of the screen and can be added by keeping your finger pressed down on a link.

“The Opera Mini for iPhone sneak peek during MWC told us that we have something special,” said Jon von Tetzchner, co-founder, Opera Software.

“Opera has put every effort into creating a customised, stylised, feature-rich and highly responsive browser that masterfully combines iPhone capabilities with Opera’s renowned web experience, and the result is a high-performing browser for the iPhone.”

By Marie Boran