Over 400,000 .mobi domains registered

6 Mar 2007

The Dublin-headquartered provider of the international .mobi mobile internet domain has revealed that it has now registered over 400,000 domain names.

The landmark number has been reached just one year after the registration body established an operation in Dublin and just months after mobile domains were available to buy.

The organisation responsible for the domain .mobi is backed by a consortium of tech industry giants including Microsoft, HP, Vodafone, 3, the GSM Association, Orange, Nokia, Samsung and Sun.

The company said yesterday that more than 400,000 .mobi domains were registered in 104 countries since the domain’s launch in October last year.

This compares with 100,000 .com domains that were registered in the first 10 years of that domain’s existence.

To coincide with the growing interest in the mobile domain and the approach by brands, the Dublin-based top-level domain (TLD) player has introduced a range of tools for developers including site building tools and analysis tools.

“The reality is the next generation of internet content is mobile,” opined Neil Edwards, dotMobi’s chief executive.

“Today’s consumers want good content anywhere at any time. The numbers reflect the commitment developers have made to reach consumers using .mobi,” Edwards added.

Tomorrow at a major domain event in Las Vegas, 15 .mobi names are scheduled for auction, including: “airfare,” “areacodes,” “cam,” “casinos,” “creditscore,” “directions,” “eat,” “libre,” “loancalculator,” “models,” “newmusic,” “pics,” “pizza,” “realestate” and “singles.”

By John Kennedy