Over 40pc of videos on UK news sites are ads

31 Jul 2013

Image via bloomua/Shutterstock

Newspaper websites in the UK saw a 181pc increase in video content this year, but over two-fifths of this content is actually advertising.

ComScore recorded over 22.6m videos appearing on UK newspaper websites in May 2013, nearly double the figure from May 2012.

The site with the most video content was Mail Online with over 8m. However, more than half (51pc) of these videos were not news content but advertising.

Next in line is The Guardian, with about 6.3m videos on its site, 31pc of which are ads. The Sun Online has about half the amount of video content as The Guardian, but the same level of advertising.

The Telegraph Media Group hosted the least amount of videos with just over 1m to its name, but its percentage of advertising – 35pc – puts it second to the Mail Online.

Video ads on newspaper sites - ComScore

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Elaine Burke is the editor of Silicon Republic