Over 75 games to be powered by new Havok platform in 2009

3 Apr 2009

The Dublin-based software player Havok, which last year saw its technology feature in games that brought in €1.2bn in revenue for the industry, has revealed its new Havok 6.5 software suite will feature in 75 new games in 2009.

Unveiled at the recent Game Developers Conference 2009 in San Francisco, Havok 6.5 includes dramatic extensions to in-game software, and production tools that deliver un-paralleled cutting-edge physics, destructible environments, and dynamic character behaviours with simulated clothing.

Havok 6.5 also includes the company’s newest product Havok AI, technology that leads the pack in helping non-player game characters intelligently navigate dynamic environments.

Havok 6.5 is already being integrated into triple-A games from some of the best-known game developers around the world.

“It is Havok’s platform-agnostic approach, high-quality product and dedication to our customers that has driven Havok-powered console games to outsell games using our competitor’s products by a staggering 6 to 1 ratio in the US market,” said David O’Meara, managing director of Havok.

“With the introduction of Havok 6.5, our cross-platform software and tools will continue to positively impact the overall quality and performance of the games featuring our technologies, with over 75 games anticipated for release in 2009 alone.”

Havok’s physics software is featured in over 200 triple A games available on store shelves today. With well over 90 games currently in development for release this year, use of Havok’s ubiquitous software is up 100pc for the same period last year. Best-selling titles featuring Havok physics include Halo 3, Assassin’s Creed, Guitar Hero III, BioShock, World in Conflict, Half Life 2: The Orange Box and Heavenly Sword.

At the 2008 BAFTA Video Game Awards in London in March, games created using Havok’s award-winning technology were chosen as the winners in six categories. Ten Havok-powered titles received nominations in 12 of the 14 categories.

Recently, Havok was awarded a prestigious Game Developer Front Line Award for its middleware product Havok Physics. The company also won an Emmy award from the US National Academy of Television, Arts & Sciences at a glittering ceremony in Las Vegas last year.

“As a part of our long-standing partnership with Havok, nine out of our 10 internal studios, including Relic, Rainbow and Volition, are actively using Havok Physics and other Havok products in development today,” said Roy Tessler, senior vice-president, Production and Worldwide Studios of THQ.

“We have found unique value in Havok’s cross-platform physics solution, and in Havok’s industry-leading support, especially in critical franchises like Saint’s Row, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War, Red Faction, Smackdown vs. Raw, and UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships).

“Given our confidence and success working with Havok over the years, we are expanding our use of Havok products in seven new multi-platform titles slated for development over the course of the next two years,” Tessler said.

By John Kennedy

Pictured: Saints Row 2