Pinstagram meshes Pinterest and Instagram

15 May 2012

Fans of photo-sharing app Instagram and online bulletin board Pinterest, rejoice: a new free service called Pinstagram blends the two, allowing users to view Instagram photos in a Pinterest format.

In other words, Pinstagram presents a user’s default Instagram feed on a desktop browser, in the same format as Pinterest. From there, users can also like a photo or comment on a photo, as well as pin it to Pinterest.

The brains behind Pinstagram are design and development team Pek Pongpaet and Brandon Leonard, who are based in the Bay Area of San Francisco, California.

“The problem with Instagram … is their web experience is non-existent. I’ve been frustrated that the only way to consume Instagram is through my iPhone,” Pongpaet wrote in a blog post earlier this month.

“My co-founder Brandon and I were having a discussion on start-up pitches, especially the ones that go ‘we’re an X for Y’ and thought a hilarious VC pitch would be ‘we’re a Pinterest for Instagram’.

With that, Pongpaet wrote, he decided to turn that idea into a weekend project and he spent a few hours cobbling something together using his design and front end skills.

“By the end of the weekend we had something that basically worked. You could log in with your Instagram ID and view your feeds, your photos, what’s popular and search.”

Pinstagram seems to be gaining traction. So far, the page has been tweeted 2,170 times and has been ‘pinned’ 552 times on Pinterest.

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic