Pinterest reveals blocking and more user controls

19 Oct 2012

Image via Pinterest Blog

Online bulletin board Pinterest has heeded the call of its users and included new features to give them more control on the site, such as the ability to block and report a user, and more granular email settings.

Pinterest said it will be rolling out these features this week, and the ability to block and report a user will be available on the next mobile update.

“We care about control because we understand it helps to personalise your experience on Pinterest,” wrote software engineer Dannie Chu on the Pinterest blog.

“We’ll keep working on improvements and tuning, so thanks for taking the time to give us suggestions and we hope you’ll find these new settings useful!”

How to block or report a user on Pinterest

To find the block and report features, go to an individual’s profile, hover over the flag icon on the right-hand side of his or her profile information, and choose to block or report the individual from the drop-down menu.

A user won’t know they have been blocked unless they try to follow or interact with the user that blocked them. The user who put the block in place won’t be able to follow the blocked user, either.

When a user reports another user, Pinterest sends an alert to its Community team to review the account.

Pinterest - block

Image via Pinterest Blog

Pinterest email settings

Pinterest has also added more settings to help users control their email notifications. To access this, a user should mouse over his or her name at the top right-hand corner on the toolbar and then click Settings.

On the Edit Profile page, click the ‘Change Email Settings’ button and then select your preferences.

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic