Profiling key to mobile advertising

17 May 2007

Implicit behavioural profiling with a view to delivering highly targeted advertising is key to the success of mobile advertising, an industry executive has said.

John Doyle, product manager for mobile personalisation company ChangingWorlds, was speaking at the Mobile Advertising & Marketing Conference which took place in London today.

He said: “Advertising is another form of content that must be highly personalised over mobile and not just using basic demographic profiling. Highly targeted and relevant adverts far beyond the level achieved in traditional methods of advertising must be realized.”

He said mobile advertising must be relevant, attention-grabbing and illicit a response that can be measured. He suggested that ad ‘relevance’ needed to be re-evaluated for the mobile environment where a very personal device must offer only information and advertising that is strictly related to personal interests.

“Simply delivering an advert based on their age, sex and location is not good enough and will be intrusive and off-putting for mobile portal users,” said Doyle.

ChangingWorlds’ personalisation service uses artificial intelligence-based pattern recognition that builds detailed subscriber profiles that enable mobile operators to deliver customised mobile content. The company is now applying the same logic to facilitate the delivery of mobile advertising.

The company has developed millions of intelligent subscriber profiles for over 40 mobile operators worldwide and has personalised billions of mobile content items using its patented personalization service.

By Niall Byrne