RazorCoast app delivers 5,000 fans to Laughter Lounge

25 Jul 2011

Irish app developer RazorCoast has developed a new social platform that is already credited with delivering 5,000 new Facebook fans to the Laughter Lounge in the space of just 10 days.

“Working directly with customers over the last two years on social media has helped us understand what technology solutions are required,” said founder Ian Cleary, who has 20 years of experience delivering technology platforms.

“Our application platform will be sold globally with significant interest and a growing international sales pipeline,” he said.

Through RazorCoast’s new social platform, companies can fully customise the applications to suit. They can also deploy the applications and monitor the results through an analytics module.

XING’s Bill Liao takes a stake in RazorCoast

Cleary founded RazorCoast in 2009 and soon after this Bill Liao came on board as a shareholder.

Liao has extensive experience in social media through his many ventures in this area, including being a co-founder of XING.com, where he built up a business networking site of more than 10m members.  

RazorCoast is self-funded to date and will consider further investment at a later date, Cleary said.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years