R&D from Guinness pulls the perfect pint

16 Nov 2007

Corporate R&D policies are beginning to bear their first genuine fruit – this time in the shape of new technology developed by Guinness that allows beer lovers and bartenders everywhere to pour the perfect pint from a can.

It emerged this week that boffins at Guinness have developed a machine that at the touch of a button, using small sound vibrations, releases the nitrogen gas in the beer to cause a ‘cascading effect’ known by bartenders as the ‘surge and the settle’.

Appropriately known as the Surger unit, the electrical device works by putting the device into a wall and then pouring some water into the metal plate.

Similar to the draught tap system, the Surger unit releases the gas in the beer, producing the surge and settle that forms the signature creamy head on a pint of Guinness found in Dublin pubs.

“We recognise the importance of quality and tradition to our loyal Guinness drinkers,” Randy Carlson, director of innovation for Guinness explained.

“Now this innovative new technology allows all bars and restaurants to serve a great quality Irish favourite in the same way that it is most traditionally enjoyed,” said Carlson.

By John Kennedy